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    Andrew Price

    Signed up as a yearly supporter in November, and now I keep getting bounced to the “please become a member” page when trying to access the forums.

    Brenda Jones

    Hi Andrew!

    I checked your account, and it shows you as a “Listener,” not an annual supporter. Is it possible that your payment did not go through correctly?

    Even as a Listener, you can access and post on most of the forum areas, as you can see by the fact that you DID successfully post your problem! Certain “rooms” are for contributing members only, and those are probably the ones that are shunting you to the “Join Now” page.

    To change your member level without having to re-join, click on the “click HERE” button on your custom home screen (

    Andrew Price

    That’s the issue, I’ve paid to be a yearly supporter, was charged, received a confirmation e-mail, and was able to use the site as such for a little while, then at a later date (less then a year, as I signed up in November) am now a listener again.  I’ve forwarded my confirmation e-mail directly to you.


    Update: I also confirmed via my paypal account that the charge was made, and is set up as a recurring charge.

    Brenda Jones

    Thanks, Andrew, for sending the confirmation email. I don’t know why that didn’t “stick” in our system, but I’ve manually upgraded you to Supporter and put next November in as your renewal date. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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