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    How do modify my profile? Like change my password or email address?

    Brenda Jones

    Hi Mike!

    You get to your profile by clicking on your name, up where it says “Howdy, Mike” at the top right of the page. There are a number of things you can add or change there.


    Hi Brenda, thanks for responding. I do not have a “Howdy, Mike” at the top right of the page. I have opened the site in 3 different browsers, just in case it had to do with that. The only things in the top right of the page are round buttons for links to YouTube, email, and RSS feed.

    I do have on the right side about a third of the way down the page, a “Welcome!” and underneath that is “Mike” and underneath that is “Logout” which is clickable. “Mike” is not ‘clickable’ (not a link).


    I found a weird workaround. I clicked on a part of the site which my account does not have access. I was taken here:

    and only then I had a link for “Edit My Profile”

    That link should be there on every page whenever I am logged on.

    Brenda Jones

    Mike, I don’t get why you aren’t seeing the “Howdy” at the top, above the regular menu. Could you have some sort of security software blocking it? I tested with another Listener account and it shows up just fine.

    You can also update your profile from the Welcome page members reach when they first log in..


    Nope, I cannot update my profile when I first log in. It is the same if I use FireFox, Chrome, or IE. I have no special security software on my machine (I just use Microsoft Security Essentials…the second leading antivirus).

    I’m going to try to upload an image…here goes:

    The above is what I see on most pages. I only see the following:

    When I got to the following page:


    Oh crap, it the images didn’t come thru. So I will write them out. The first one says:




    The second image says:


    My Profile Summary
    My Account
    Edit My Profile


    Brenda Jones


    When you first log in, you should be on the “Welcome to FAIR” page, a special landing page for members of any level. There is a link there to “Modify My Profile.” This opens a pop-up window where you can change all of your information. The other way is supposed to be by clicking the “Howdy YourName” on the special black menu bar across the top of the page, above where the regular site menu sits. I don’t know why it doesn’t display for you, because I had thought that anyone could see it after they logged in. I logged in as a “Listener” and I could still see it. :-/ But here’s the link.

    There is a place for profile picture, but currently they aren’t displaying on our forum, so that’s kind-of a waste.

    Brenda Jones

    Just to make life simpler for everyone, I’ve added the “Edit My Profile” link back under your name on the top right side of every page. Hopefully it will work okay. Keep me posted.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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