problem with using site (Resolved, Depreciated Software)

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    I got this message just now and am a supporting member.  pat w


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    Hi Pat,

    I’m not sure, but try updating your flash player.

    Just a thought.



    ok tks…not sure how to do that but I’ll get some help



    Pat, our membership software “demoted” you in March, even though you continue to make an automatic monthly contribution!

    I badly need some help getting our software fixed.


    same thing happened to me in March of April.


    Right Rebecca!

    I have our webmaster working on it. He is finding several things wrong with the site (I’m not surprised) and hopefully will get everyone synced again soon. I sent him your and Pat’s info in particular, which is why I have not manually gone in and fix it. He needs to be able to see what your accounts look like. Fortunately all you are missing is a couple of the forum “rooms.” Most of us post here, anyway.


    still have problems getting into “Help Offered/Help Given”  it won’t open    and I got Flash recently

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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