The Member Assistant helps FAIR and FAIR Inc by responding to those who contact us via phone seeking information and assistance.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Respond to voice mails and other calls to FAIR
  • Keep an accurate record of this information
  • Notify the appropriate Director of matters needing their attention
  • Add new member data to the database promptly and completely

Skills needed:

  • Pleasant phone voice and manner
  • note-taking skills
  • reliability


  • Punctuality and Reliability
  • Regular computer access
  • Communication skills (written)
  • basic understanding of the information on FAIR’s “Facts” sheet
  • Working knowledge of the goals, objectives, and operations of FAIR

Time commitment:

No more than 1 hour each day to keep up with incoming calls and emails. This is generally not very high, except immediately following a letter campaign. (There will be additional people to help for those.)