Regional Directors have a special focus on events and needs of a particular portion of Maryland, and bring this regional knowledge to bear at the state level. There are six FAIR Regions based loosely on geo-political boundaries:

Western, Northern, Baltimore, Central, Southern, Eastern Shore

Report to: Executive Board

Major responsibilities:

  • Encourage members to get involved at the county and state level, as their abilities and interests allow.
  • Pass any important information back to our Executive Team for action
  • Arrange for monthly meetings (telephone or in-person or a combination) to build community and develop stronger membership and volunteer force.
  • Announce meetings on our web site and notify county members of each meeting.
  • Develop a network of contacts and information sources to keep abreast of RSO-related happenings within the region.
  • Assist with communications, volunteer development, and administration as needed.
  • Recruit new members and volunteers to assist at the regional and state level.
  • Attend bi-monthly Leadership Team meetings.

Skills Needed:

Leadership experience, self-starter, high reliability and availability, ability to manage group discussion in a friendly manner.

Time Commitment:  Roughly 3-5 hours weekly