LeadershipTeam Meeting Notes 10/21/2012

FAIR Leadership Meeting, 7pm, Sunday 10/20/12

Members Present:  Brenda Jones, David Smith, Gary Kleiman, Jeff Nuttle, Jerry Greene, Bob Petersen, Robin Lippold, Jim Behan, Sheri Younger, Theresa Smith, Gary Smith


David Smith—Legislative projects (in the works)

Freedom of Worship Bill—working to set up a post to request good horror stories on Worship and wants to gather 6-8 good stories on Worship from clergy.  Bill is currently being shopped around for sponsors.

Doe vs. State—Needs 3-5 Press releases at the ready oriented to the different possible results with the goal to get interviews for members when the opportunity for FAIR to align their message arises (three members i.e. Sherry, Jeff, and Gary K agreed to meet early at the state wide meeting to work on this).  David volunteered to prepare a draft prior to the meeting.  Suggestion to contact media prior to decision so things are in place to be contacted for immediate reaction.  (Brenda has media list for DC and MD and resources for more contacts).  Want to be ready by early-mid December.

Detailed summary of Model Reform compiled out of New Mexico Conference

Jerry Greene —Treasury as of October 1, 2012

Fair Inc.…………………….. ~ 6300.00
Fair Family………………….   1729.00

Brenda Jones — Holes to fill on Leadership Team:

Phone Tree Coordinator
News Letter

Bob Peterson— State-wide meetings

Christmas Party to be held on Saturday December 8, 2012 to start at 5pm, Christ Lutheran Church of Germantown, MD.  A sign up sheet for set up will be circulated at the State wide meeting in November.  Directions will be posted on the website.

State Wide Meeting Saturday, 11/10/12 from 1:30-4:30

Focus on Public Relations—Brian Doyle who works on Capitol Hill may attend

Be prepared for Halloween media inquiries

General Discussion

Suggested—need of PIO / Communication Director

Have media directed to certain Officers of FAIR

Put together Fact Sheet with discussion points so everyone who talks to the media is saying the same thing.

Benefactors Letter—directed to family and friends of FAIR members for the purpose of raising donations be prepared to distribute to members

Jeff Nuttle: Videographer

Video taping meetings discussed and decided that will continue when a guest is present. Audio-recordings were suggested for all times.

Jeff is prepared to show the videos from the National meeting in New Mexico, including the interview with Brenda.

New Leaders on the Team:

Theresa Smith introduced as new Administrator and Assistant to Brenda—if any tasks desired that were not presented to Brenda please inform Theresa of this, her email is tagesfair@verizon.net

Gary Smith introduced as Web site manager, he requested that any improvements desired or criticisms of operations be presented in specific terms so they may be addressed, his email is gesfair@verizon.net. It was suggested that the web site be accessed at the State Wide Meeting to demonstrate the ease with which it can be utilized.


The Smiths were warmly welcomed to the Organization and to the Leadership Team

8:20 Meeting ended