Notes on Leadership Meeting 6/10

My Notes for Leadership Team meeting on June 10, 2012.

In attendance: Robin Lippold, Bob Petersen, Jeff Nuttle, Brenda Jones.
Absent, excused: Gary Kleiman

The meeting largely focused on discussion of long-term and short-term goals for FAIR, which I am writing below. For ease of access, I’m also dropping in our already-written Vision and Mission statements.

VISION: To restore life, well-being, and freedom to families and communities which are being destroyed by draconian sexual offense laws and policies.

MISSION – FAIR Family Foundation: to support all persons negatively impacted by sexual offense legislation

MISSION – FAIR Inc: inform the larger community of the extreme cost and damage being done by public registration in our society:

  • Keep members informed of local events that will impact their lives.
  • Spearhead lobbying efforts by educating lawmakers, group members, and the general public.
  • Solicit donations for civil challenges to the punitive nature of these laws.
  • Seek out a wide variety of other organizations with common interests, and form a strong coalition among all these groups to affect change

LONG-TERM Goals, FAIR Family Foundation

  • Provide a supportive community for members.
  • Provide opportunities for accountability and responsibility for members’ personal growth and achievement.
  • Educate all members for empowerment.
  • Be a resource for jobs and housing.

SHORT-TERM Goals, FAIR Family Foundation

  • Get a Phone Tree operational, at least for “off-line” members
  • Quarterly newsletter snail-mailed and emailed and posted
  • Finalize and print large quantity of color brochures (FAIR intro) for people to hand out.
  • Get everyone onto the new site and forum
  • Rebuild and rethink our local “support” groups


  • Continue raising funds for future litigation
  • Locate and foster media champions on our issue
  • Locate and foster lawmaker champions on our issue
  • Build stronger relations with other interested advocacy groups and professional organizations who work with the “sex offender population.”
  • Promote more sensible, FACT-based legislation regarding sexual offenses.


  • Carefully examine and update the Facts brochure, and print lots of them for distribution
  • Get our bylaws in place (Could they somehow work for BOTH orgs?)
  • Apply for our 501c4
  • Create a solid contact list for lawmaker friends, lawmaker foes, connected organizations, and connected professionals.
  • Find out what went wrong with the 2012 statutory bill, and determine what is needed to assure that it passes.
  • Possibly build support for a “freedom of worship” bill, draft the legislation, and get at least one sponsor from each chamber, and ideally from each political party!

And finally, I listed my own PERSONAL GOALS for the coming year, stated here “for the record” so other leaders can poke me if I stray too far.


  • Focus on lobbying and legislative goals
  • Focus on recruiting coordinators to help in various support roles for areas outside of lobbying and legislation.


  • Fill in a void, if nobody can be found to fill these support roles.
  • Engage in another membership appeal, other than word-of-mouth. (We need to get current membership more engaged/involved first.)
  • Set up any more local or state-wide meetings that are in person. (teleconference-style, maybe)


I would like to challenge each of you to commit at least a couple of hours each week looking for persons who can step into these supporting roles. I can provide a list of FAIR members who have completed volunteer interest information to those willing to take up the challenge.

  • Financial/business Advisor
  • Under the Membership Director:
    Membership Coordinator
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Support/Resources Coordinator