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Bird Flight

We are seeing a little movement!

I have gotten three different accounts from people, at this juncture, which indicate that some registrants are being removed or will be soon. One account is from a member who got a call from his detective over the weekend telling him not to register any more, and a letter would be in the mail soon.



Another Court of Appeals Victory!

Our Court of Appeals has made its decision in DPSCS vs. John Doe, and we consider it to be a very positive outcome! This is only a preliminary report: I am not a legal expert, and I will wait for our paralegal expert Larry Neely, and perhaps Ms. Forster herself to provide some more detailed

FAIR Family Event


Fourth Annual FAIR Picnic

YOU ARE INVITED to our Fourth Annual FAIR Picnic June 7 + 10:30am – 5 pm Sycamore Pavilion at Quiet Waters Park Annapolis, Maryland This has been a much-enjoyed event almost since FAIR began. This year, in addition to our usual food and fellowship, we will hold a meeting to update everyone on recent events and vote