Our Mission:

  • Challenge proposed and existing sexual offense laws that tear apart Maryland families, make our communities less safe, violate Maryland’s constitution, and waste our tax dollars.
  • Propose new legislation that gives families the chance to rebuild, saves the state money, and is constitutional.
  • Support all persons negatively impacted by sexual offense legislation.

Our Message to Registrants:

You are NOT your crime! You are a human being worthy of respect and love. Given that respect, and motivation to succeed, all registrants can become productive members of society.

FAIR Believes

  • With placement on a public sex offender registry, registrants and their families face (1)
    • Significant barriers to employment,
    • Harassment by neighbors, vigilantes, even law enforcement,
    • Homelessness, because their landlords are also harassed, and
    • Constant fear for their own safety and for the safety of their loved ones.
  • Registrants face years of hostile attitudes and outright lies about their value as persons – causing significant suffering, self-doubt, anger and fear.
  • A registrant’s loved ones suffer that same hostility.
  • Persons who commit sexual offenses should be punished and professionally monitored for an appropriate period. However, most are not a public safety risk. The general public gains no advantage by knowing their names and locations.
  • Given effective therapy and a stable, supportive environment, most first-time offenders will not re-offend. (2)
  • If persons could safely get treatment at the first sign of trouble, many could avoid offending in the first place! (3)


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