Judicial Committees

These two committees hear the vast majority of the bills introduced in our General Assembly that involve sexual offenses, offenders, and registration. During Session, we may ask our members to contact all committee members to express concern or support on particular bills. Please call or email these representatives as often as appropriate regarding specific legislation. Thank you!

If any of these representatives are in YOUR district, it is especially important for you to arrange a time to talk to them about the negative collateral consequences of public registration. They can NOT help you change your conviction outcome or adjust your Tier; nor can they single-handedly roll back the punitive changes that have been added to the registry. But if enough of us convince enough of them that things have gone too far, we will be able to affect change.

You can find out who YOUR representatives are HERE. You are welcome to talk to them at any time. If any of them are on one of the committees below, even better!

House Judiciary Committee

Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee

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  • Thomas

    Yeah Buddy! This is GREAT! Now I know who to contact.

    Brenda I know you put your heart into your work and you post all these bills yourself.

    God Bless you . . .

    Thank you very much Brenda.